Consulting & Expertise

Contact us to benefit from the advices and insights of our expert engineers to help you through the product development process, from its ideation to prototyping. They will advise you in regards to:

-          the electrical motor selection
-          the control mode
-          the microcontroller or DSP to be used
-          the power stage dimensioning
-          all the aspects related to the electronic board design

Hardware design

We start from your idea and develop innovating technological solutions by tailoring our knowledge and leveraging the technological breakthroughs in order to meet your specifications. Hardware design includes:

-          performing legal and technical requirements research
-          engineering digital and analog circuits
-          processing simulations
-          selecting the right electronic components after a careful benchmarking

PCB layout

At APPCON technologies, we hold a confirmed expertise in performing inverters’ layout and in connecting both high-voltage and low-voltage circuits on a same printed circuit board. We will leverage this asset to provide with the most reliable and appropriate PCB layout for your application.


You can rely on us either to develop and manufacture your prototypes from A to Z, through all the services listed above, or to provide you only with the manufacturing service.

Testing & Validation

In order to ensure the integrity of the developed solution, we perform a series of test, hardware and/or software, on the electronic board to validate whether it fully answers the required specifications. Corrections would be undertaken if necessary.

Digital signal processors and microcontrollers programming

Our highly qualified engineers will develop the software to be implemented in the corresponding digital signal processor or microcontroller so that your device fully performs the application dictated by the specifications.

Cost/performance optimization for line manufacturing

Following the prototyping process and after performing the tests, we propose you to optimize your electronic board for manufacturing by reducing its costs while maintaining a same level of effectiveness and performance.